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The Importance of Creativity in Holistic Photography

Excerpt from Richard Taylor’s book – Metaphysics

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Understanding Art Photography

I don’t know how you feel about creating Art with your camera, but to me, it’s something I strive to achieve. That photography can be Art with a capital ‘A’ is still not wholly accepted among the established community of painters, potters and critics, especially in England. Why not? The principle reason is that it’s apparently easy to create and …

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Psychology of Emotion in Art & Colour Psychology

William James, brother to author Henry and godson to George Bernard Shaw, taught the first psychology classes at Harvard. He is interesting to us here for his James-Lange theory of emotion. There are apparently eight main emotions; ¬†acceptance, anger, anticipation, disgust, fear, joy, sadness and surprise. The others such as wonder are combinations of these primary few. (Plutchik) James believed …

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