I don’t believe that artists are born and not made. To attribute some arcane power to other people is unnecessary and often limiting. What one person can achieve is also achievable by others.

But I don’t think that the creation of artists is as straightforward as we might hope. It is certainly not a matter of learning the craft of drawing nor the techniques of camera-work.

‘If you don’t live it, it won’t come out your horn.’ – Jazz musician Charlie Parker

Art is innovative. It often is founded more on emotion than logic though both play a part. Art is infused with new ideas and fresh perspectives on established ones. The instinctual desires to communicate and create are at its heart. An artist need not be exceptionally intelligent nor experienced (though it helps); they just have to interact firsthand with the world and express what they see.

These people saw the world in their own way and were driven to create. Let them serve as inspiration for you to uncover, trust and create using your own unique vision.

James Nachtwey – War Photographer
Richard Feynman – Physicist
Zeek – Adventurer
Mark Knopfler – Musician