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Holistic Photography: Bring Back Better Memories

An old photographer’s motto is ‘f8 and be there’. Facebook snaps of the world’s most majestic sights would refute this idea, but there’s still a large element of truth in it.

What, and Where…

We have chosen some of the most amazing locations in the world where you can join us and learn Holistic Photography. Your photography improves forever because of ‘what’ you will learn; and the environment ensures that you create beautiful photographs to take away with you too.

Some Specifics…

  • Usually Holistic Photography is coached privately but these are group classes. They are limited to 10 photographers.
  • The workshops last between 2 and 6 days, depending on the location.
  • The price varies depending on the duration and location.
  • All skill levels are catered for.
  • All drinks and meals are included.


You will learn the Holistic Photography quartet; a balance of Craft and Art. Specifically;

  • Idea – Why create photographs? To preserve what we enjoy in the world, or express ideas and emotions.
  • Light – How to see it, how to change it and how to capture it creatively with the camera (Aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO).
  • Composition – Where to put your subject in the frame; and why.
  • Timing – Choosing the best moment and its duration.
We’ll also cover a bit of post-processing and there will be detailed, constructive critique of the images created. I’ll also offer a portfolio review before the workshop tailored to each participant.
You will learn the essentials techniques for perfect people photography (portraiture and fashion), street photography, editorial/ documentary photography as well as the innovative Pyramid Technique for architectural photography and several deep aesthetic  principles for better ‘landscape’ photography.
There will also be instruction and practical demonstrations of off-camera flash ‘Strobist’ photography, low-light long-exposure photography and lots of pro tips for best results.
All the workshops will include ‘Photography: The Few Things You Need To Know’ as an ebook and audiobook (more than an hour), as well as two year’s worth of access to Holistic Photography advice and unbiased equipment recommendations via email/ Skype.
Times and Prices
The workshops are divided into two separate but complementary parts; you can choose either, or both;
4 days – £3,200
Weekend – £1,900
4 days plus Weekend – £4,000
Places are reserved on a first-come-first-served basis. Please note that a refundable* 50% deposit will be required to confirm participation, with the balance due one month before the workshop date.
*No questions asked up to 1 month before the workshop, at which point full payment is due. Then refunds are only if the workshop is cancelled or at my discretion under extraordinary circumstances.


  • Paris.                11-16th May
  • Barcelona.       25-30th May
  • Iceland.            8-13th June
  • Venice.             22-27th June
  • Barcelona.       13-18th July
  • London.           3-8th August
  • Morocco.          August
  • New York.        September
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