Categories and rules limit and obscure the occurrence and impact of the happy accident. Consider Orwell’s ideas about words dictating the capacity for thought, Wittgenstein noting that the limits of his language were the limits of his world, the serendipitous birth of many scientific breakthroughs, and the flexible approach necessary for business success. Mass media requires simplification to cater for every person at the expense of the exceptional.

Holistic Photography is not limited by a requirement to be egalitarian. This loose syllabus is a scaffolding; it will accelerate and deepen your learning, but you will always be building your own structure in your own personal style.

Here are the four main areas, the Quartet, to consider for excellent photography:

1 – IDEA

Why take a photograph? Do you want to PRESERVE something, or to EXPRESS your ideas or emotions


How to SEE the light,  CONTROL it, and CAPTURE it creatively


Understanding visual aesthetics and the COMMAND of symbols to give SIGNIFICANCE


Identifying the decisive MOMENT and its DURATION

The Ins and Outs:


Camera and lens choice informed by personal photographic style and use of photographic accessories


Post-processing, Fine-Art printing, exhibition and on-screen optimisation