Is an Artist born or made? Whatever you believe will be true for you. Learning and even mastering the craft will not make you an artist. This much we know. So why is art is commonly taught by repetition of technique? Because schools love what they can measure. Dates. Names. Movements. Black and white. But art is colourful. Mysterious. Subjective. Personal. Original.

Holistic Photography focuses on this difference. Because it does so, it can never be popular. Junk food, pop music and celebrity selfies are popular. Most people don’t learn. If they do, they rush through a structured syllabus and come out with a certificate of achievement. Like a six year old with a martial arts’ black belt.

The ideas and exercises shared here are interactive; they require you to engage and understand the principles that underlie them. If they’re not immediately obvious, easily digestible and clearly useful, that’s kind of the point.

Holistic Photography Sahara desert nomad village reportage documentary
Holistic Photography: Environment Shapes Genetics, Genetics Define Culture, Culture Informs Belief

This section on Inspiration gathers together ideas that will improve you. Its aim is to deepen and inform your art by providing quality nourishment for your subconscious. This may seem to be an unfamiliar concept but experience has shown it to be effective.

Creativity comes from within. It is a product of the ways in which you See the world. You are developing this ability; it isn’t automatic. A young child may be fascinated by coloured lights, but show them the stars and you will see that they have yet to grasp their sublimity.